Visual Inspiration: How A Praying Hands Figurine Can Encourage The Discipline Of Prayer

Do you often find your prayer life lacking in consistency due to all the daily distractions in life? Visual reminders are a great way to enhance your prayer life by reminding you to pause and pray. A praying hands figurine is an inspiring reminder of the need to pray, makes a lovely home decoration, and is the perfect addition when tucked into a gift basket for a loved one.

Create a Focal Point in a Prayer Room​

If you are fortunate enough to have your own space designated for prayer, such as a prayer room or closet, a praying hands figurine makes a perfect focal point in your special space. Used alone on a small table, a praying hands figurine can simply be a reminder of the power of prayer. You can also create an inspirational grouping by placing the praying hands figurine beside a candle, floral bouquet, or a stack of inspirational books.

Use as a Home Accent Piece​

A praying hands figurine is perfect for a nightstand to remind you to pray at bedtime. It can also be used as a centerpiece at the kitchen or dining room table to remind you to pray at mealtime. Used in a decorative grouping in a foyer or entryway, it is the perfect way to let others know about your faith in a higher power.

Take It to Work

Reduce workday stress by taking a praying hands figurine to the office with you. In times when stress is high, the figurine will remind you to pause and pray rather than worry about work problems. It will be a lovely reminder that prayer can help you relax and find peace, no matter how bad your day is.

Tuck One in a Gift Basket

If you enjoy making customized gift baskets for your friends and family, a praying hands figurine is the perfect addition. Whether you are making a get-well basket for an ill friend or a gift basket to let someone know you care, the addition of a praying hands figurine is sure to inspire and encourage the recipient to pray. 

It is hard to forget to pray when you have a beautiful praying hands figurine nearby. Whether used as the focal point in a prayer room or as a room decoration, you are sure to feel inspired by a praying hands figurine. It is also the perfect addition to a gift basket for any occasion. 

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